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One of the major reasons small business fails is because owners lack the necessary funds, and more so, lack the professional assistance, guidance, and advice to help them steer their enterprise to development and success. UJAMAA EMPOWERMENT NETWORK embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and the energy of business development in its meaning, mission, and vision.

UJAMAA – Meaning corporative economy in Kiswahili

EMPOWERMENT – Increasing the spiritual, political, or economic strength of individuals and communities.

NETWORK – To cultivate relationships with people who can be of help to you professionally or culturally; to group for the purpose of exchanging ideas with others that are similarly connected, especially over a large area or throughout a country.

VISION: Our vision for Ujamaa is to be able to provide the resources necessary to bring social and economic empowerment to low-income people by assisting them in developing small-business endeavours in New York City.

MISSION – Our mission is to see that the local people of New York who fall in the low-income bracket are cooperating with each other to build business. Our business is to guide our clients toward gaining service solutions for their business, to help in the essential tasks of growing their business, and to provide the professional framework for that growth. Promoting the very spirit of entrepreneurship, we intend to help these businesses develop by offering support in accounting, business, and economic services which will assist their growth process.

Ujamaa intends to build strong relationships with our clients. We want to know and understand the fundamental financial needs, goals, and plans for each client according to their industry, business model, and growth path so as to better serve the business. We develop solutions for our clients by providing assistance and focus on their Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Financial Research Analysis. We take the burden off our clients so they can focus on their business.

Ujamaa will offer guidance, provide assistance in training and financial support services, and update our clients on any accounting and financial matters that may affect their business. Through presentations and reports of key issues, we assist our clients to clarify and understand analyses and trends that are associated with their business or industry.

Ujamaa’s business is the development of our client’s business by being the support mechanism, research arm, and an Accounting and Financial service. Our strong focus on building a cooperative economic network for our client will give them the security and infrastructure to sustain their business during times of setbacks.

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