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For coaching, consulting projects, workshops, or training, we always offer a free consultation to new clients so we can get to know each other and carefully review your needs.

“Empowering, Inspiring, Creating”

Larie Wilson (Latik)


Build your Business with Ujamaa Empowerment Network: We Develop People and Business.


Giving you all the support you need in building your enterprise, we are the builders you are looking for. Accounting, Financial, Economic, Research, Technical; we are able to manage the development of all aspects of your business.

For instance:

  • Our site provides the information you need so you can begin on your own, or one of our consultants would be happy to assist you!
  • We can help you get it started, keep it running, or both – we will be there through all the steps!

Ujamaa Empowerment Network is all about economic and business development. We help people develop themselves by developing economics. Your business ideas can become a reality with our assistance. Let us help you help yourself. Contact us.

“Ujamaa’s business is the development of our client’s business.”