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The Mecca Mission

Tentative purpose – to oversee the formulation and dissemination of the 5% National News Paper, to establish national and international circulation, to work closely with the 9 regions to establish editorial boards in each region and centralize the development of the Nations publications.
Function of board:
To meet on a regular basis to discuss and complete the papers creation, to discuss latest news and opinion trends that affect our nation. Also to discuss what the newspaper should say on a range of issues. The board will decide who will write what editorials and will direct the institutional opinions of the Nation.
Responsibility of the board:
• Review manuscripts and articles
• Maintain confidentiality and objectivity of the paper
• Identify and recommend other reviewers
• Solicit contributions
• Promote the paper
• Promote the nation
• Solicited ad’s
• Influence public opinion
Publisher (Latik Allah) – in charge of the formulation of a company to manage and develop the nation’s media and communication; I see myself as taking on this position to manage the company and all things associated with the structural development of media including, formulation of Mecca publishing company and other regional publishing companies. Be involved in the business and editorial of the paper. Maintain the financial health of the paper.
Things to do
• Produce a business plan
• Incorporate the business
• Get a tax Id Number
• Open a bank account (in the name of the publishing company)
• Setup bookkeeping
• Setup distribution
• Setup desktop publishing
• Setup website

Chief Editor – Is responsible for the function of the editorial board and all editors. The editorial board will be responsible to review and select manuscripts and articles before submission and also to fact check all information as directed by the policy established by the chief editor and the board. The board under the direction of the chief editor will advise and assist other editors in the editorial production of the Paper.
Managing Editor – responsible to promote and hire new editor and terminate those who fail to meet expectations, make daily decisions that affect the entire department, manage other employees, including.