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Ujamaa Empowerment Network specializes in delivering services to help our clients grow their business. We provide the professional assistance for you to develop your business planning, marketing planning, and strategic planning. While you focus on running your business, we focus on keeping your business running with quality bookkeeping service, payroll service, tax service and many other business needs.

Full package includes:

  • • Accounting Services
  • • Marketing Plans and Assessment Service
  • • Strategic Plans and Assessment Service
  • • Bookkeeping Service
  • • QuickBooks Service
  • • Tax Service
  • • Payroll Service
  • • Website Storefront Assistance Service

Business Plan Service

Writing a business plan is a crucial first step in your business endeavour and should not be taken lightly. The goal of your business plan determines how much effort should go into writing it. We help you put your thoughts and ideas into a language that the founders and investors understand. Most of all, you can see the path of your business in a clear and concise structured plan.

Marketing Plan Service

We help you target your demographic specific to your business. We assist you in clearly defining your objectives. We help you use “a novel and creative approach” using the web and new technology. We help you get to more clients with the least amount of resources required.

Payroll Service

For expanding companies, the payroll system becomes complicated quickly. Streamline your process with us. Eliminate paperwork and simplify your payroll process. Save time and money with our service.

Bookkeeping Service

We provide professional, affordable, personable, and timely accounting services to small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you have an existing business or are just starting your business, we can help you achieve your goals. When you build a long-term relationship with us, you’re making an invaluable investment in your own professional life.

Tax Service

Ujamaa’s business is the development of our client’s business. We can help you examine your business’s financial structure and provide new perspectives on your tax strategies. We provide income tax preparation, income tax planning, and tax problem representation services for individuals, families and small businesses seeking professionals.

Financial Reporting Service

We provide a broad array of financial services to small businesses. Because small businesses are acutely focused on the growth and execution of their business plan, this growth often takes precedence over the back office infrastructure, leaving it understaffed. When seeking to complete a transaction, these deficiencies stand out to institutional investors, frequently leading the deal astray. We help our clients navigate through the financial reporting challenges by working with them before, during, and after a transaction.

Business Web Store Front Assistance

We assist our clients to develop “creative and forward-thinking” strategy. A web presence can help the business grow. We assist them in the process of setting up a store front on the web.

“Ujamaa’s business is the development of our client’s business.”

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